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'We've had speakers before who were amusing - but a month later no-one could remember what they'd said. Mike was very entertaining and gave us something to think about.'
Colin Black, TRICS Director.

'Mike's after-dinner speech hit just the right note, balancing the funny, the serious and the thought-provoking - and was very well-received.'
Debbie Sorkin, Director, Programmes and Services, RTPI.

Mike Jones has led visitors around the world's major battle sites for the last twenty years and has fashioned from his experience and enthusiasm a unique product, Inner-Victory, that will both entertain and encourage you to do battle with the challenges you face in your workplace and daily life.

Mike is an experienced speaker, trainer and life coach. After completing a PhD in military history he has lectured at universities and is a former Vice Chair of ManKind Project UK. A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, his book, Bosworth 1485 - Psychology of a Battle was nominated by the Guardian newspaper as one of its top ten history titles. He is at present consultant for the History Channel series, Warriors, and is writing a book with London Stock Exchange Chairman Chris Gibson-Smith, The Red Army Teaches Business Management.

General Anatoly Mereshko and Mike JonesMike co-created with Tony Robinson Channel 4's popular series The Worst Jobs in History. He features regularly on TV and Radio, recently on Channel 4's Weapons that Made Britain and Agincourt, Richard III: Fact or Fiction and Britain's Real Monarch, Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time and Radio 4's Today programme. He is the author of a battle guide to Agincourt and a book written in collaboration with General Anatoly Mereshko - former Deputy Commander of the Warsaw Pact - on Stalingrad: How the Red Army Triumphed. His most recent work - Leningrad: State of Siege - looks at one of the most horrific sieges in history - and, using dramatic new eye-witness testimony, reveals what sustained the city's defenders when all seemed hopeless.

Praise for Leningrad:
'Michael Jones' gripping account is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit.'
Glasgow Herald.