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'After Stalingrad I am no longer afraid.'
Suren Mirzoyan, veteran of the Stalingrad battle.

The story of Stalingrad is at the heart of the Inner-Victory motivational speaking and training programme. Its core principles are universally applicable. They teach us we can create invincibility for ourselves and our organisations - even in the most difficult of situations.

'I learn more from World War Two's Eastern Front than most business books. Stalingrad is often studied what makes Mike's approach fresh and important is his understanding of leadership and motivation in difficult times: principles that remain highly applicable today.'
Chris Gibson-Smith, Chairman, London Stock Exchange.

Stalingrad was history's biggest and bloodiest battle and the turning-point of the Second World War.

In its ruined streets and buildings a demoralised Russian army found the will to stand up to its formidable German opponents, showing unprecedented courage and resilience. They created a mood of absolute invincibility.

Mike Jones is an expert on Stalingrad and a frequent visitor to the modern city. He has spent many hours recording the experiences of Red Army veterans. He believes that what they achieved can teach us how to surmount our own challenges - whether in the workplace or in life - and defeat our 'assailants'. We will have achieved our own Inner-Victory!

Praise for Mike's book Stalingrad - How the Red Army Triumphed:

'Of all the books written about Stalingrad, there have not been many like this one...Michael Jones probes the minds of men at the edge of the abyss, digging into the psychological factors that allowed them to withstand hopeless odds and untold horrors, and still emerge victorious.'
Military History.

Mother Victory | General Chuikov - inspirational leader | Ruins of Red Army command centre
Mother Victory | General Chuikov - inspirational leader | Ruins of Red Army command centre