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Travel back in time with us to some of history's most famous battles - and learn how to turn the tables on your present-day assailants.

'Passion, energy, commitment and humour - beforehand I wondered who Mike Jones was; now I would recommend him toanyone.'
Roger Day, MD, Archway Events.

What is Inner-Victory?

Inner-Victory is a unique motivational speaking and training concept that applies the principles of battle psychology to solve our present-day dilemmas.

'The lessons of military history are relevant to today's business world. At a time of crisis having repelled five hostile take-over bids in the last year I relate to Mike's approach and see real value in it.'
Chris Gibson-Smith, Chairman, London Stock Exchange.

Life can be a battlefield and the issues it throws up can be difficult and challenging. We offer action focused life coaching to meet this.

At Inner-Victory we believe that the lessons of history's greatest battles can apply to you and your organisation and make a tangible difference in the present-day.

'After several months of a bruising public inquiry my team felt like battle-scarred veterans - Mike's talk gave us a much-needed lift.'
Alex Bywaters, Senior Project Manager, Highways Agency.

'Brilliant - Mike's keynote address got our international conference off to an ideal start.'
Robert Forshaw, Director IMTAL-Europe.

'A valuable addition to our team-building day - Mike entertained and gave us plenty of food for thought.'
Irvine Rodger, Head of Financial Services Unit, RBS.

'I set out consciously to raise the fighting spirit of my army. For morale is a state of mind. It is the intangible force which will move a whole group to give their last ounce to achieve something.'
General Sir William Slim Defeat into Victory.

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